Pakistan's already unmanageable population of 220 million will increase to 400 million in a few decades if proper measures to curb it are not undertaken immediately. but with almost every Pakistani (male and female) being an expert on Islam, it will not be possible to convince people to practice birth control.

I knew a fairly educated Memon (an industrialist and social worker to boot) who was aghast when I told him that the Jews are able to dominate the world because they are so few (for every Jew on the planet, there are 150 Muslims, I told him). He said it's necessary for Muslims to take over every country on the globe, and that can't be done if Muslims don't increase their numbers. Mind you, this was a normal man (not an extremist), so how can you convince a mullah to tell his audience to practice family planning? A relative of mine did try it, but he was immediately shouted down by those sitting near the mullah.

I must say that Pakistan is not the only one with the problem, as today there are eight billion people in the world. But Pakistan is perhaps the only one where the situation is so bad.

I personally believe that the future is hopeless. Unless millions of people die in a natural or man-made calamity, the earth's population will continue to climb exponentially until a time will come when humans will become cannibals out of necessity.