When I was growing up in the 1950s, there were no fat men in my neighborhood or among my relatives. Obesity was rare. Occasionally I would see slightly overweight men in buses. In fact if you were overweight it was a sign that you were prosperous. In fact, even in my extended family, no one is obese.

There was a conference in London recently in which the participants couldn't agree why men and women were obese, and why obesity has increased in the past fifty years. Some said it's due to a sedentary lifestyle, others that it's caused by a diet rich in fatty substances. 

A very fat woman works as a maid in my house. She comes to work in a bus, she has to walk a lot to get to the bus stop in the morning, and again to her house in the evening. She is the one person I know who shouldn't be obese. She is too poor to afford pizzas and other junk food that are supposed to make one fat. So what's the real reason for her obesity?

In my own case, I move around a lot. Partly this is due to relieve my blocked nose, and partly because I have arthritis. In fact, I personally believe that it's my walking that has enabled me to remain slim. As far as food is concerned, I've always avoided red meat. You could say I'm eighty percent vegetarian. And I've noticed that walking  is one activity that is not popular among all the fat men I know (including those who've died).