Contact Rehman Dakait to be a cop
April 22nd, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

I always knew that policemen had to pay fantastic bribes to get posted to places where they could earn millions within months. Such places like the red light areas in Karachi and Lahore, for instance, require “pugrees” of at least three million, because every time a cop sees a man entering the area, he can extract a couple of thousand rupees from him before the guy can proceed further. Then there are the pimps, who are hand in glove with the police. The drug smugglers cannot flourish in the Lyari district of Karachi without active collaboration with the cops. But what I read today in The Daily Times beats everything. According to the news item “Contact Rehman Dakait to be a cop?” many people from Lyari, including gangsters have started contacting Rehman Dakait for recommendations to join the force. It is believed that the Lyari gangsters themselves will police Lyari.

So now anyone who wants to join the Sindh police will first have to go to the notorious criminal Rehman Dakait, before applying for the job. It will also be necessary for the applicant to be a criminal himself. So you can be sure that no policeman will dare to arrest the real chief of Sindh Police, Rehman Dakait!