Someone recently suggested using buffaloes to generate electricity by using gear boxes to convert the animals' five revolutions per minute (while circling a well) to the thousand revolutions per minute required by generators. It may theoretically be possible to manufacture such gear boxes, but the cost would be prohibitive even if someone did succeed in making them. In fact, it would be much better to convert what comes out of the animals into methane gas which could then be used to produce electricity. However, there is one method which can be used by our feudals who have plenty of slave labour working in their fields. This would require a stationary bicycle to which a dynamo is attached. The dynamo would produce power to run a TV set or an energy saver bulb. About a hundred men could easily illuminate the palaces of our waderas. So if ever the electric supply to a feudal's house is suspended (for non-payment), he can easily get his slaves to produce electricity for him in this manner.
The Friday Times (April 14-21, 2008)