Sex problem solved
April 19th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

This is not something I’ve made up. It’s reported in today’s Daily Times. This female doctor (Jamila) in Lahore, although married, had a lover. No doubt the two enjoyed themselves when they were together. What I don’t understand is how the affair was not noticed by her neighbours, let alone her husband. Maybe her husband was mostly out of town and she wanted a man to satisfy her, and this guy met her somewhere and she fell madly in love with him. But then, it is not normal for a man to visit a woman in her house when she’s alone. I can’t imagine the neighbours not knowing about the affair. After all, everyone knows that when a man is alone with a woman, they don’t play ludo or scrabble (unless both are mentally unstable). So this is one mystery which will never be solved: how they spent so much time in her house without anyone noticing.

But now the story gets more intriguing. It seems that the lover (Shahzad) wanted to get married, but not to her (a divorce would’ve complicated matters, her husband and in-laws would never have agreed to it). Moreover, she should’ve realized that the Pakistani male ultimately has to marry and raise a family, and she shouldn’t have expected him to marry her (no Pakistani male can ever expect a woman like that to remain faithful to him after marriage).

So she couldn’t stop him from marrying someone else, but “hell has no fury like a woman scorned”, as the poet said. She waited a few days, then called him over to her house for another orgy (at least that’s what he thought it would be). She served him something which made him very drowsy, and then calmly cut off that which is a man’s most precious asset. The poor guy (now a eunuch) is in hospital, and even if he manages to survive, he will never be of any use to his wife or any other woman for the rest of his life.

The woman has been arrested, and it should be interesting to hear or read what she says when she appears in court. Maybe some media person will go and interview her and we’ll get to know something more about the affair.