I knew of course that Imran Khan has many followers among Memons but I didn't know that he has succeeded in dividing them so effectively. Yesterday I was talking on the phone to a distant relative in the US who used to be my class fellow in school. I was persuading him not to donate money to Imran Khan because it would be used for political purposes. He lost his temper. "Imran Khan is the only one who can save Pakistan! All Memons in Pakistan should leave the country if Bajwa brings back Nawaz Sharif and such thieves into power!"

I could have told him that Bajwa will not be the army chief when the next elections are held, so he won't be able to rig the elections and "select" the next prime minister (as he did in 2018). But then I held my tongue. If people like him are so easily aroused when they hear criticism about their hero, it's not worthwhile to discuss politics with them. So I've decided to send a joke every day to such people (they're known as Imrandoos nowadays).

The only other leader who divided the country in the past was Bhutto, who is still worshiped by many Sindhis. A couple of years back as I spoke disparagingly of Bhutto in the club, two men got up and left. I found out later that both owed their jobs to Bhutto. In fact, just as some people believe that the country will collapse if Imran Khan is not reinstated, Bhutto-lovers used to say the same thing when he was alive and being held in jail prior to his execution. As we know, not many people mourned Bhutto's execution. I'm sure people will not protest if Imran Khan is also disqualified for life and barred from contesting elections.