I've tried to find out the English equivalent of the Persian/Urdu/Hindi word "toshakhana". Apparently there is none, but the word means a place where expensive gift items are stored. Imran Khan is in deep trouble over his false statements about selling the expensive watch and jewelry he got from the Saudis to an Islamabad dealer (who has disappeared and is not traceable). Unfortunately for IK, the man who bought the gifts from Farah Gogi (a staunch friend of Imran's wife Bushra) claimed that she sold the items for only twenty eight million rupees (two million dollars at the time), even though the articles were worth five or six times more.

Imran Khan has said he will sue the media channel which broke the story (GEO) as well as the man who claims to have bought the items. I don't think he will do so, as it will reveal how incompetent and corrupt he is. Even his friends must be wondering how stupid he can be, giving away such expensive goods to a lady who sold them for a song. 

Irshad Bhatti is an analyst who has always been Imran Khan's supporter. Even he concedes that the Toshakhana scandal has hurt Imran Khan badly. I wonder if Imran Khan's Memon supporters still think he's clean and honest.