Of course it was evident that Imran Khan was lying when he blamed the US for his government's removal. If there were any doubts, the audio leak about him talking about "playing" the cypher issue should have convinced even his most ardent supporters that he is not trustworthy. Now that he has taken another U-turn by saying that he wants to forget about it, I wonder how anyone can ever believe that whatever he says is the truth. In fact, I doubt if there have been many instances when he has said anything that is true. 

But what surprises me is that he still has such a large following. He has lied consistently during his 26 year old political career. When he lost the first time, he blamed Najam Sethi for the infamous "35 punctures" (meaning that there had been rigging in 35 constituencies). Now he says it was a political statement. In any Western country, the judge would have ruled against Imran Khan and Najam Sethi would have been awarded the billion rupees he has claimed for damaging his reputation.

Come to think of it, why are the defamation suits against Imran Khan not being decided? There is one by the owner of Geo (not a single hearing has been held in that case). What about Imran Khan's disqualification for stealing and misusing foreign funds? It seems the Establishment is still supporting the liar. The public will forever distrust the judiciary unless Imran Khan is tried and jailed without further delay.