I've often said that Imran Khan is another Bhutto. who was an arrogant psychopath who didn't think twice before ordering the killings of political opponents. Towards the end of his tenure, when he saw that he was massively unpopular, he got his Federal Security Force to arrange the killings of prominent people. Bhutto got the death sentence and was executed for ordering the murder of a prominent politician of Punjab. Besides that he ordered his men to kill the aged Shakil Rizvi, a retired judge, as well as the famous actor Mohammed Ali (since these two were Shias, he assumed there would be a backlash by Shias against Sunnis had they been killed).

Now Imran Khan appears to be doing the same thing that Bhutto did. Two days back, a politician from PMLN was attacked and seriously wounded. The police are trying to trace the killers, but I doubt if anything will happen, since Imran Khan has been transferring non-compliant police officers. The present one obviously doesn't want to oppose Imran Khan, so he won't do anything to arrest the attackers, even if they are identified. 

Last night there was the firing on IK's ex-wife Reham Khan's car. She has come back to help Imran Khan get removed from power. Of course, it was expected that there would be some action to deter her from her mission, as it's common knowledge that she can easily influence some people around him to desert.

Finally, there is another similarity between the two. During Bhutto's last days, a huge oil discovery was announced, and he displayed a bottle of pure kerosene in the assembly as proof that oil indeed had been found (someone later told him that crude oil is black in color and not transparent like kerosene). Today, the Oil and Gas Development Corporation announced the discovery of large gas reserves in KP, without giving an estimate of the quantities. Like Bhutto's discovery, this too will be exposed as a fake one (or a very small one).