Today is the last day of 2021, a year that saw Pakistan regressing instead of progressing. Surprisingly, Imran Khan is still the prime minister and continues to wreak havoc upon the country. His latest is an advice to bank workers and officers to wear the so-called "national dress" (shalwar and kameez). According to him, this will enable them to work efficiently (even though there is no truth in this). In fact, whenever I wear the national dress, I don't want to do anything but relax. I sometimes think that the British were able to conquer so many countries was because of their shirts and trousers.

Of course, many bad things happened in the year that is ending. The government's surrender to two extremist parties will be remembered by the people as worse than the dismemberment of the country. In fact, there are plenty of signs that suggest Pakistan may disintegrate. The huge inflation (as ordered by the IMF) is tearing the country apart, and the refusal by Imran Khan to realize this is astounding. He should now understand that his party is very unpopular and it's only a matter of time before he is removed by his "selectors" and replaced by someone more intelligent. 

Then there was the lynching of the Sri Lankan in Sialkot. Of course, if this had happened to a local (whether Muslim or Christian), no one would even have noticed. But due to the man being a foreigner, the incident evoked outrage and further worsened the country's image.

We still don't know how Imran Khan manages to run his huge mansion on his meager salary of only Rs. 200,000 a month. His finance minister yesterday said the mini-budget will impose a burden of "only" Rs. 72 billion on the poor, as if the poor don't need milk and bread to survive. The new year will start with prices of edibles and medicines sharply increasing (even though they already cost about two to three times they did before the moron was "selected' to run the country. 

A couple of days back, the foreign minister was seen sitting while meeting the Saudi ambassador with his right leg pointing towards his guest, which has offended the Saudis no end. Pakistanis are already very unpopular in that country and seeing their prince treated so shabbily will only increase their hatred for Pakistan.

I hope 2022 sees Imran Khan removed and the country brought back to normal. But seeing the huge amount of loans he's taken (for his party's benefit, apparently), I doubt if the country can survive.