There appears to be no limit to Imran Khan's shamelessness. Every now and then, he gives more proof of his low IQ. His declared income increased exponentially in his first year as prime minister (his income tax increased by almost 35 times). ( If an ordinary man like me had declared such a huge increase, the FBR would immediately have launched an investigation, and would have ordered an audit of my income for the previous five years. Of course, they dare not do so in Imran Khan's case. Neither will they ask him how he was able to earn so much immediately after assuming power. 

The other day he told his ministers to lie to the public and say, "There is no inflation in Pakistan" ( As Goebbels said, "Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it". So even if IK says there is no Covid in Pakistan, no gas/electricity load-shedding, no law and order problem,  you can bet that some Pakistanis (especially those who voted for him) will believe it.

The man obviously thinks we're fools. Now that the long-postponed foreign funding case has seen the light of day, and it is evident that he took foreign funds without disclosing the same to the Election Commission, he has been proved a liar and should resign immediately. As he's often said, "When a major scandal happens in the UK, the minister or the prime minister resigns immediately". But this shameless man and his ministers actually claim that their honesty has been proved by their lies to the ECP. Amazing. If, even after this shamelessness, his followers still believe he's honest, good luck to them, they should be prepared for the day their prime minister is convicted for tax fraud and sent to jail.