Last month the Chief Justice of the apex court ordered the immediate demolition of Nesla Towers in Karachi. Even though defence lawyers pointed out that similar illegally built structures in Islamabad (Imran Khan's properties in particular) had been "regularized", the court refused to oblige. The poor owners of Nesla Towers were thrown out of the building and have had a tough time finding alternate accommodation. Now the Islamabad high court has ordered the demolition of a Navy Club in Rawalpindi. To an ordinary man, this would appear as if the courts have started standing up to the Establishment. But is it really so? I doubt it.

The apex court had also ordered the PAF to hand back the land on which it had built a marriage hall. The marriage hall was renamed as an Air Force College (I don't remember the exact name), and there the matter ended. Then there was the Macro Supermarket built in contravention of all laws in the Lines Area. That building was vacated by the civilian company (Habibs) that had rented it, but the building has not yet been demolished by the army.

You know what? I won't believe that our courts are really independent until they take suo moto action against Imran Khan, against whom more evidence of illegal activity has been found. In fact, there is the matter of the disqualification of Faisal Vawda, who clearly committed perjury and should be barred for life from contesting elections. But it's doubtful if our courts can ever become truly unbiased and impartial and independent. After all, as Mao said, "Power flows from the barrel of a gun".