I and my wife finally got vaccinated two days back. I had read about many side effects which had made me reluctant to register for the first dose. In fact, I didn't trust the Chinese vaccine (Sino pharm), as it had been provided free of charge to the government. Then the price of Russian vaccine was announced, and there was a huge outcry as it was too high. Almost immediately after registering I and my wife were told to go to Khaliqdina Hall on March 25. I was astounded to see so many people there and I thought it would take hours before they would vaccinate me and my wife. Fortunately, most of the people there were health workers and others who had come with their parents.

The young lady who wrote down our details did not wear a mask. Since she recognized all the medications we take, she may have been a doctor. After recording all our details, she told us to go to the man on the other side of the hall. The whole procedure was over in twenty minutes and there have been no side effects so far.

I was deeply impressed, as the Sindh government is known for its inefficiency. Most of the health workers there were Sindhi-speaking and highly professional. It was a novel and unforgettable experience.