Imran Khan seldom wore a mask in public, despite his own health minister asking everyone to do so. People strongly suspected that he had secretly imported vaccines and got himself and his wife vaccinated. But then, he was seen on TV being vaccinated. Just two days later it was announced that he had tested positive for Covid. And this of course caused people to wonder how it could happen. His wife too is reported to have tested positive. 

And because no one believes this U-turn guy and his ministers, people started saying that the whole thing is a fake, that he's been quarantined for three weeks because the Election Commission was getting impatient and wanted to conclude the Foreign Funding and money laundering case against him. In fact, Imran Khan had been asked to appear today and explain his position. So it's natural to conclude that this whole thing has been concocted by his doctor so he cannot be called before the court. 

I'm inclined to believe that it's fake, mainly because the doctor said that the symptoms are mild and he had probably been infected before being vaccinated. And what's more, none of his cronies (like Murad Saeed) have shown signs of infection. Just a day before the Khan was reported being infected, he was seen without a mask and in close proximity to his ministers and advisors. 

So I won't be surprised if some mole informs the media that Imran Khan is in good health and the news of him being infected is fake. Let's wait and see.