Superstitious people in Pakistan are always told to change the names of any of their children who are autistic or hyperactive or suffering from any other serious disease. Even though it never works, yet this is what they do. Imran Khan, like most of his countrymen, apparently acts on the advice of soothsayers and palmists. How else can you explain the sacking of the very able Dr. Hafeez Shaikh, the finance minister who was roundly praised just twenty days back by the imbecile Imran Khan himself?

Then there are the frequent changes in bureaucracy. In the two and a half years of this inept government, many police chiefs and many bureaucrats have been transferred without reason. In fact, Hafeez Shaikh was the third finance minister in this government. This government has removed five FBR chiefs and it is only halfway through its tenure assuming it lasts that long, which seems extremely doubtful).

So why was the finance minister summarily sacked? He is no ordinary man, having worked in the IMF as well as serving previous governments. It's being said that Imran asked him to control inflation and try to reduce the prices of essential items. When the minister said it isn't possible, Im the Dim is reported to have lost his temper and told him to resign. By the way, Imran was supposedly under quarantine until yesterday, but it's doubtful if he did test positive, as he was shown in a closed room with his closest advisors discussing how to make our lives even more miserable. Yesterday his doctor told him to resume working, even though he hasn't yet tested negative. One of his minions (Faisal Jawed) even said that it wasn't necessary for a negative report for him to return to work. 

I believe that someone is advising Imran to do what he does, even if there is no reason to do so. Perhaps it's his spiritual mentor, his wife, who reportedly converses with djinns and fairies. Maybe she has dreams in which she is told to advise her husband whom to sack and whom to appoint. Perhaps that's why the very inefficient Punjab Chief Minister Buzdar has not yet been removed.