When Im the Dim unceremoniously sacked Dr. Hafeez Shaikh and appointed an inexperienced young Hammad Azhar as finance minister, there was bound to be a lot of confusion. The newcomer immediately announced a resumption of trade with India and a reduction in petroleum prices (although very limited).

The very next day, he heard that he would be removed and replaced by Shaukat Tareen (former finance minister). Not only that, the cabinet decided not to import sugar and cotton or anything else from India until the latter restored Indian-occupied Kashmir's status to what it was before August 2019. When Hammad Azhar was asked by Im the Dim  why he had announced resumption of trade with the enemy country, he told the prime minister that he (Imran) himself had authorized him to do so. It looks like Imran Khan signs documents without reading them. His own order to resume trade with India was revoked by his ministers. All of us should be seriously concerned at this habit of his, because someday he may sign a document that may be detrimental to the country. Undoubtedly he is a security risk.

It now seems that the only Memon in the cabinet (Razak Dawood) will also be sacked. But of course Imran would never terminate his favorites (Faisal Vawda and Murad Saeed), as they are the ones who are reportedly very close to him.