Even though both Trump and Imran Khan have been unmitigated disasters for their countries, at least the American economy hasn't done badly. Pakistan, however is on the brink of collapse. Yet Imran and his cronies have the effrontery to say that they have done well and the country is on the road to economic prosperity.

You have to admire their chutzpah. The foreign minister (who just a few days back alienated the Saudis) has the gall to say that our policy on Kashmir has been successful. This, despite the Organization of Islamic countries refusing to convene a meeting of Muslim countries' foreign ministers to discuss the Kashmir problem. I hope this man is shown the door as soon as possible. 

Only Asad Umar had the guts to mention the failure of his party's government to control prices. But just a few hours later, he was forced to say that his boss is now in control of the situation, and will complete the remaining three years as prime minister. The way these chaps go on saying this confirms that they themselves doubt it.

Some organization called Pulse carried out a survey to find out how popular this government is. Usually it's Gallup that does this kind of thing, but because their findings are usually unpopular, they had to find someone else to do it (it's probably owned by someone close to Imran Khan or one of his ministers). They found that sixty eight percent of the four thousand people asked were in favor of the government completing its term. To get a good picture, the surveyors should have asked them whether they appreciated what the government is doing about controlling the free fall of the economy, whether it should have moved in to prevent prices of practically everything going through the roof. But that would have revealed what people really think about the so-called Mr. Clean and his government.