I have written about some of my relatives being brainwashed by those fundamentalists in Tableeghi Jamaat. Two brothers (now forty five and forty three years old) were roped in by them when they were in their teens, and being the scions of a fairly rich grandfather, they grew up being good for nothing. I once shocked their aged grandfather by saying that the two boys were both mentally retarded. He had always suspected that I wasn't very religious and what I said confirmed it.

The younger boy did me a great favor by facilitating my trip to the Holy Land for Haj in 2005. After I returned, he expected me to be fully bearded, and I've seen him looking venomously at me as if I've done him a great wrong (perhaps he thinks I've reduced his chances of getting into Paradise easily).

Years ago, his religious beliefs caused his father to go broke. The father had a thriving business exporting garments. One day the son (on one of his rare visits to the factory) noticed that the T -shirts were embroidered with pictures of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He immediately asked his father to stop exporting garments with pictures of animals or humans, otherwise he would run away from home. I've often wished his father had told him to do so. The poor man had to sell all the machinery for a song, and took up something else, but failed at everything he did. 

As the brainwashed idiot spent most of his time with the TJ guys, I was sure the chap would get Covid-19 sooner or later. But since he hadn't had any symptoms, he thought there was no need for him to get tested. I'm hundred percent sure he'll test positive, and what happened last week may have been due to the virus.

He claims he had been driving for eighteen hours without sleep from Karachi to Islamabad when he crashed into the car ahead of him. He was lucky he and his family survived without serious injuries. So this nut is a bigger fool than I thought, anyone else in his place would have rested for a couple of hours at least on the way, or perhaps it is the virus which caused him to doze off (I've read that it affects the brain besides the lungs and the heart). And you can bet that even if he finds out he's infected, he will continue infecting others.