There was a time, years ago, when I would reach my workplace in the morning and find four or five men begging me to hire them as clerks or peons. Often, a relative would call, asking us to hire someone he knew in a clerical or managerial position. For a long time now, the situation has changed. I tried to hire a peon once, and found there was none available. Finally, we had to appoint a visually challenged person, a cousin of one of our employees. He's still with us, as we have not yet found a normal, healthy person to replace him.

My wife has been trying to find a maid who can stay with us twenty four hours daily and cook all the three meals as well as do the cleaning work. She has asked everyone she knows, but hasn't been able to find anyone. 

One would've thought the recent five month lock-down should have resulted in serious unemployment, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Apparently everyone is gainfully employed, and my driver has even demanded an increase in salary. I have no option but to comply, as I know he will immediately be hired by one of my neighbors. Even the drivers and maids who work in my neighborhood say they don't have any female relative who can work twenty four hours a day. My office workers also say the same thing. Next time I'm told there is serious unemployment in the country, I might throw something at the person saying it.