Of all people, a foreign minister should know how to be diplomatic. He should be very careful whenever he opens his mouth to criticize an ally. Yet our foreign minister, who has hundreds of followers due to being the spiritual head and caretaker of a shrine in Multan, threatened to form a parallel organization if the Saudi-led Organization of Islamic Countries did not condemn India for its illegal actions in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Naturally the Saudis were incensed. They immediately asked Pakistan to return the billion dollars they had given to boost up the economy. They are also reported to have asked for the removal of Qureishi as foreign minister.

It is evident that whoever advised Qureishi didn't know the niceties of international relations. But why did the foreign minister not use his own expertise before taking such an extreme step? Has his brain been affected by the Covid 19 virus which last month laid him low?
Or was it our super idiot Imran Khan who told him to do so? 

Now the incompetent prime minister has asked the army to bail him out. The two top military officers of the country have gone to Saudi Arabia to repair the damage. I doubt if relations between the two countries can ever return to normal, considering that the Arabs are getting closer to their arch enemy Israel, with the UAE recognizing the pariah Jewish state. It should be interesting to see how long before all Arab countries normalize relations with Israel. Perhaps Saudi Arabia might hold on until it has no choice. 

Pakistan too is now in for a tough time. Sooner or later it too will have to recognize Israel. But it will come at the cost of losing Kashmir permanently, as it won't be able to condone the Jewish state's treatment of Palestinians while condemning the genocide of Kashmiri Muslims by India.