I was thinking about the millions of poor Pakistanis who don't have access to modern education and health facilities. Such people invariably go to quacks or holy men for relief. There are many who desperately want to have sons, so they ask the holy men to pray fervently for their wives to deliver male children. And there are those who suffer from rare diseases which cannot be cured (like polio). They too want help in getting cured.
Nine out of ten people in rural areas of the country probably believe in the power of holy men called "pirs". The pirs tell them to  recite mantras hundreds of times and they are told that if their faith is strong they will have their wishes granted. 

So I've thought of a few more mantras for these simple folk to recite many times daily, based on what we have been hearing from our "honest and upright" prime minister Imran Khan and the very able chief justice over the past few days:

1. Pakistan needs more dams!
2. The formula of water is Aitch two zero!
3. Those who don't want dams in Pakistan are traitors!
4. Pakistan will have no rains unless dams are built!
5. Soon, we'll have so many dollars we'll be able to give loans to other countries! 
6. Muslim countries believe only Imran Khan can help resolve disputes among themselves!
7. India will soon hand Kashmir over to Imran Khan! 
8. Pakistan exists only because Imran Khan exists!

There will of course be other mantras as long as IK is prime minister. Let's hope he gives us more mantras to recite.