I firmly believe that Pakistan should be re-named "Corruptistan". In this country, you are surrounded by corrupt people. So much so that you are compelled to be corrupt yourself (if you want to survive). 
Just think of what happens when you declare your true income to the income tax officer. He immediately says your income is three times what you say you earned, and asks you to pay tax accordingly. After many days of pleading, and finally paying him off, you are able to resume living normally.
If you are an importer, you are victimized by the customs appraiser. He knows that you'll have to pay ten thousand rupees a day as port charges if he doesn't accept the value of your consignment. So he'll do everything to delay the clearance of your goods, asking you to prove that you have declared the correct price, even threatening to send samples to the laboratory (where testing will take at least two weeks). To avoid all this trouble, you have to pay him under the table. I once estimated that every customs appraiser earns more than twenty times his salary in bribes.
The same can be said of our policemen. If you make the mistake of walking into a police station to lodge a complaint against one of your employees or anyone else, God help you. The cops will register the complaint only if you pay them, unless of course you have powerful friends. 
The problem of course is that our politicians, judges and all those who rule over us are also very corrupt. So they will do nothing to improve the system.