Our self-proclaimed expert on dams (Chief Justice of the country) doesn't know what every school boy in class six does; the chemical formula of water (H2O). Speaking at one of those seminars on the shortage of water in the country, he said that the formula of water is Aitch two zero (https://youtu.be/xPi_QJft1eI). But strangely enough, no one in the audience corrected him (perhaps they didn't want to be charged with treason). 
One of the first things I'm going to do, after the man retires, is to tell him a lot of things he doesn't know, like making another dam will mean disaster for the country. In fact, I'd like to sen him this article on what has happened in Egypt after Ethipia constructed a massive dam on the Nile (https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/19/africa/ethiopia-new-dam-threatens-egypts-water/index.html). Our coastal areas have already suffered enough damage due to the two mega dams (Mangla and Tarbela). So, in my opinion, anyone who supports making another dam does not know the devastation it will cause.
But of course, just because some so-called experts think that another dam is essential, he has to do what he is not qualified to do. Instead of exploring ways and means to reduce wastage of water in the country (like closing down sugar factories, which use about three times more water than necessary), he wants to spend 16 billion dollars on a dam which will take at least ten years to build. I hope he has the sense to realize that the proposed mega dam (Diamer Bhasha) has the potential to cause widespread resentment.