When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto assumed power in 971, one of our maids told my mother, "Now we'll live in your bungalow, you and others like you will have to live in our huts". It seems PPP workers had told simpletons like her that this would happen if they voted for the PPP. Much like today, when the ruling party's politicians promised the moon to the masses in pre-election campaigns.
Bhutto was arrogant and despotic, just like Imran Khan. He too went after the press, putting many journalists in jail and forcing others to leave the country. It seems whenever a government finds itself on the defensive, it either imposes draconian press laws to stifle dissent, or put restrictions on women. 
Unsurprisingly, Zia thought all his problems would disappear if both the press and women were curbed. Flogging of writers became common and women were compelled to wear headscarves. Many women came out in protest, burning their headscarves in public. 
Later, the Punjab government under Shahbaz Sharif also ordered college girls to cover themselves, as if doing so would prevent rapes in the province. Again, women protested, and the order was withdrawn.
So I wasn't surprised when a male guard prevented girls in Lahore from entering a public building because their heads were not covered, saying that seeing women with uncovered heads disturbed the males in the building. Of course he couldn't have done it without approval from the top, and it was thought that Yasmin Rashid (a PTI minister) had given the order. She denied it, of course, even though I strongly suspect she was the one who was behind it all. 
But the most dangerous move of the present government is to make a new law punishing those who defame the present ruling party. Apparently the fat and corpulent Fawad Choudhry (the information minister) doesn't know the meaning of defamation. He doesn't want the truth about his party's failures to be told. Just like Bhutto, who thought anyone criticizing him was a traitor. In fact, also like the present chief justice, who made opposing the construction of dams a treasonable offence. Future generations of Pakistanis will wonder what exactly made the chief justice do what is not in his domain. But then, this is Pakistan.