It's been  only forty five days since the caretaker government took over the reins of the country, and in this short period the rupee has been devalued twice, losing 14 % of its value. If things continue like this, we'll see the dollar shooting up to Rs. 150 or even more by the time the next elected government is formed (assuming elections take place on July 25). So why is Imran Khan shouting at the top of his voice that the government of Nawaz Sharif is responsible for this massive devaluation? At least the outgoing government had a firm control over its fiscal policies. Are the caretakers allowed to devalue the rupee in this manner? Why is the Chief Justice not taking notice? If he can intervene to reduce prices of petroleum products, why can't he ask the government to take the rupee back to its former value of Rs. 110 to the dollar. I'm sure he knows that with every devaluation, prices of essential items will rise, until people start thinking seriously about committing suicide.