With Imran Khan winning the election, but not with an outright majority, we are in for a long drawn-out battle in Pakistan. The elections appear to have been massively rigged, so much so that almost all those who lost will reject the results. I foresee a repeat of 1977, which ended with Bhutto being hanged. I hope Imran Khan will not use force against his political opponents, but knowing the mindset of our politicians, I won't be surprised if from day one he starts blaming others for his mistakes and uses the police to put down demonstrations against his government. 
I suppose we should be encouraged by his decision to cut down on expenses, like using the prime minister's house and the residences of all governors to generate money. He had made similar promises when his party won the elections in KP, like turning the chief minister's house into a university, but of course that didn't happen, so we can expect nothing will happen this time as well. If he really wants to live like the poor people do, he should sell his huge mansion and live in a small flat with his wife. But that too wouldn't appeal to him. 
He also talked about improving relations with India, which must have caused alarm in the minds of those whose livelihoods depend on having a permanent enemy (whom they can blame for everything that is wrong in the country). Whatever he does, the country's situation is not expected to improve any time soon.