I've never liked the present Chief Justice of Pakistan (Saqib Nisar). There are times when I wonder how he ever got appointed as a judge, leave alone getting the chief justice's job. Instead of doing something to clear the backlog of about two million pending cases in the country's courts, the man went all out to promote the construction of the controversial Kalabagh Dam. When he realized that only his home province supported the measure, he took up the issue of building two other dams, which will require at least 20 billion dollars and more than ten years to complete. He even set up a fund for this purpose, but became silent when he saw there was not much support from the general public.

Suddenly, without any cause, the man is now deeply concerned about how women dress when they appear on TV programs, as if the country did not face any other problems. I have the feeling that the man is trying to project himself as a kind of guru or something. He is obviously thinking of standing for president after he retires, and as he will have to wait another two years, he may try to persuade the new "savior" of the country (Imran Khan) to waive this condition so he can become the next president of the country.

Come to think of it, I won't be surprised if Her Holiness (Imran Khan's wife) has something to do with the CJP's sudden realization that Islam does not allow Muslim women to show any skin in public. Imran, the former playboy, is now a committed fundamentalist, and a few days back he even said something against feminists. Knowing that he will fail in solving the nation's problems, I won't be surprised if he too blames his failure on what the CJP calls "inappropriate clothing" of our TV stars.