The Chief Justice of Pakistan suddenly took note of the fact that there is a serious water shortage in the country and asked why this was so. One of his advisors (probably someone with an IQ of less than 40) told him that this was because three provinces had opposed the construction of the Kalabagh Dam (where most feudals of Punjab had purchased land ten years ago when there were strong rumours that building the dam had been approved by the World Bank). The CJP has apparently not heard of global warming and the receding of glaciers which are meant to provide water for our rivers. He has also not observed that there have been practically no rains this year, due to which our all our dams are empty.

Now if there is one thing the CJP should not do is what others are supposed to do. He should of course be much concerned that there are millions of cases pending before the courts, cases involving those who died long ago and whose heirs are also due to die any day. But no, the man has to poke his nose into affairs which should not concern him. He has visited hospitals throughout the country, he got petrol prices reduced (thereby depriving the national exchequer of billions in taxes), and now he is doing everything he can to build dams, thinking that it is child's play, and also not considering the fact that due to global warming, there is no water in our rivers.

So, when he saw that there was strenuous opposition to Kalabagh dam, he started to collect funds for two dams, the foundation stone of one of which (Bhasha dam) was laid six years back and for which land has not yet been acquired. Thinking that collection of funds for the construction of the two dams would be completed in a matter of a few months, he asked everyone within earshot to donate money for the purpose. He must have been shocked at the poor response. At this rate, the funds will take at least 200 years to be collected. He is now talking of increasing water prices, as if the people were not heavily taxed already. So, if anyone reading this knows the CJP, will he or she tell him to arrange for the import of water to be filled in the dams (because we'll have very little rains in future and our glaciers have receded).