Be willing to save
This refers to the editorial ‘Perilous waters’ (July 2). Pakistan’s problem is not the lack of water, but the sheer waste of water. According to experts, Pakistan, at present, has more than enough water for its needs. By adopting water conservation policies and using drip irrigation, the country can increase agricultural production manifold. It should be noted that even in developing countries, only 1,500 litres of water is required to produce a kilo of sugar, but Pakistan uses 7,000 litres for this purpose. Similarly, Pakistani farmers use twice the amount of water in rice production compared to other countries’. Just by reducing wastage, we can have more water for irrigation. And in years of drought, we can adopt cloud seeding to produce rain – a practice that is common in 52 countries across the world. All it requires is thinking out of the box and the will to save.
Shakir Lakhani
The News, July 4, 2018