To find out why Muslims are so backward, we have to look at what non-Muslims have done in the past to achieve progress. The first thing we notice is that Muslims have no tolerance for those who have different views from their own. The Taliban, for instance, are convinced that they are always right, and that Allah is on their side. They do everything which violates Islamic principles. They kidnap foreigners and kill them, although there are clear instructions from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that hostages should not be harmed. And despite the Hadith about going to China to gain knowledge, the Taliban think that the only knowledge necessary for life is that of the holy Koran and the Hadith. They kill their wives for the flimsiest of reasons, like looking out of the windows of their houses.

Contrast this with what happened in the sixties, when American Jews raised a billion dollars to build a grand synagogue (Jewish temple) in Jerusalem. The Chief Rabbi of Israel said that instead of a grand synagogue, he would use the money to educate poor Jews in science and technology.

Armed with real knowledge, the Jews have made a drone (a pilotless plane) which is less than an inch in size. It can go into any room, and since it looks like a bee, no one will ever pay any attention to it while it records all conversations and takes photographs and transmits them back to Israel.

And no prizes for guessing what our mullahs would have done with a billion dollars. They would have constructed madressahs to turn young boys into suicide bombers. They would have bought klashnikovs to kill fellow muslims. And they would have pilfered the funds for buying luxuries. And that is why Jews are in the forefront today. Despite there being only one Jew for every hundred Muslims on the planet, the Jews are able to dominate the world.