After spending so much trying to liberate Kashmir from the Indian yoke, we now find that they do not want their state to be a part of Pakistan. In a recent survey, half of them said they want an independent Kashmir, while the other half wants Kashmir to be a part of India. No one in Indian-occupied wants Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan. What have we done to alienate the Kashmiris? Why don’t they like us? Perhaps it’s because Pakistan is now dominated by corrupt politicians. Maybe they don’t like the way we pretend to be more Islamic than the Arabs.

Whatever the reason, it’s time we realized that being muslims doesn’t automatically make us acceptable to muslims of other countries. I know many Arabs who hate it when Pakistanis quote from the holy Koran and the Hadith frequently. One Arab in fact reminded me that Islam was founded in the seventh century (not on 14th August 1947) and the language of the Koran is Arabic, not Urdu.

Once, in Dubai, after offering the maghrib namaaz behind a Pakistani, the Arab guests told me they would never pray behind a Pakistani ever again. “You people do not know how to pronounce Arabic words”, they said. “When you recite from the Koran, and mispronounce the words, it’s just like you’re using filthy and abusive words”.

Coming back to why Kashmiris are more attracted towards India, the reason is that we have made a mess of Pakistan (which is now considered to be a near failed state). We need to realize that apart from religious education, students of madressahs should be made to study science and other subjects. But this is the kind of giant leap which our illiterate people are not prepared to take.