It's been well-known that the 2018 general elections were heavily rigged by the establishment to help Imran Khan win. But it was not quite clear how much rigging was done. Now, with Imran Khan's party faring very poorly in the local bodies elections in Karachi and Sindh, we now know that he would have lost heavily in the 2018 elections if the army and others hadn't helped him.

Of course, he and his cronies will claim that the Election Commission is against the PTI, but this was only to be expected. In the 2018 elections, his party got 14 national assembly seats, winning one seat by only about 700 votes. But the Supreme Court CJ Saqib Nisar disallowed re-counting, and in other constituencies in the country as well. It was obvious that the entire judiciary (along with the army) had thought that Imran Khan would solve the nation's problems. Instead, the man turned out to be a nincompoop and heavily corrupt as well.

I wish I live long enough to see Imran Khan and his enablers suffer for the crime they committed. The country has incurred irreparable damage for their follies. Even today, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that part of the establishment still supports him and wants him back. May they rot in hell.