Feudal lords in Pakistan display a flagrant disregard for rules and laws, even when they are in cities and away from their tribal lands. Such a man has rented an office just opposite my work place. He has two Sindhi-speaking Kalashnikov-toting guards sitting outside his office. How can I convince him to make them sit inside his office? The guards are probably ex-dacoits from his native village. 

A few years back, a feudal doctor's car driver hit my car and he rang me up to pay for damage to his car. I told him to contact his insurance company and my company would arrange for the necessary repairs. His reply astonished me. "Who insures his car in this country?" This man was closely related to the president of the country at the time. I told him that I couldn't be blamed for him not insuring his car and wouldn't pay him. The next day he sent his armed guards to my house and asked to see me (I was in my office at the time). My poor wife was terrified. I asked her to give the phone to the guard and spoke to him. He told me in a threatening voice to either pay for the damages or risk injury or death. Fortunately I knew a man who had once been the feudal doctor's boss. He scolded the man for his unruly behavior, telling him that what he did may have been the norm in his village, but wouldn't work in Karachi. I never heard from the feudal again.

With this kind of mindset, no wonder Pakistan's in such a mess.