There are many defamation cases against Imran Khan, but the Supreme Court has not even begun hearings in most of them. Yet one defamation case filed against Khwaja Asif by Imran Khan is being heard. Imran has sued Khwaja Asif for ten billion dollars, alleging that the latter defamed him by saying that charity money for Imran's hospital was used to invest in a building project. 

Imran Khan must be regretting it now. He admitted in court that three billion dollars was invested in a housing project (he didn't remember which one), but the money was returned seven years later. He should have consulted his lawyer before saying this. Now he's in deep trouble as very few of his overseas donors would ever contribute money to his hospital.

What probably happened was this: the money was invested in building projects in Dubai in 2008, before the recession sent property prices crashing. Probably all the money was lost, and the returned money may have been arranged through other individuals. The apex court should order an audit of the bank statements of Shaukat Khanum Hospital to ascertain the truth, which is likely to embarrass Imran Khan further.

I believe it's against international law to use charity-donated money for commercial purpose.In fact the donors have a right to demand why their money was used in investing in dubious property. I think even foreign governments (the US and the UK) may prohibit donations to Imran Khan's hospital.