Even Imran Khan's die-hard supporters must be wondering if he hasn't gone crazy. Of course, the many U-turns he's made and the lies that he has spewed should have convinced them that there's something horribly wrong with him. Every time he opens his mouth, he says something that comes back to haunt him.

Take that canard about him being removed from power by the Americans. Despite strenuous investigations having proved that the US was not involved in removing him, he went on claiming that he was right. Then he said he knew the opposition had been planning to remove him for ten months, which means that he's so incompetent he couldn't check the opposition's move in time. He even claimed that he would never be the slave of the US (he said the same thing about the IMF before begging them for aid). Now he's bending over backward to convince the US government to support him, and for this purpose he's spending millions. The other day, former diplomat Robin Raphael met him to finalize arrangements on how to project Imran Khan as an American ally and the most suitable person to rule over Pakistan. Of course, the money being spent is not his own, it's from donations to his hospital given by overseas Pakistanis.

Having done everything possible to defame the army chief and dividing its commanders, he is now trying to appease them. First he claimed that the present what he calls "imported" government is not qualified to appoint the next army chief, he alone has the capability to do so, as the one appointed now would not be appropriate. Apparently he thinks he's going to win the next election and will select the next chief (one who would be his friend and would help cover his corruption). Now he says the present chief can continue until the next government (apparently his own) assumes power. He thinks that the army is composed of nincompoops like himself, as the very next day he said he didn't mean that the present chief's tenure should be extended. Someone asked his crony Fawad Choudhry about it, and the latter admitted it meant that the tenure of the present chief should be extended. Another lie exposed. How can anyone trust this liar? And yet there are those who love Imran Khan so much they would gladly drink his piss.