Pakistanis, by and large, are very tolerant of those who belong to other sects or religions. But occasionally, die-hard Sunnis suddenly go berserk and kill Shias, especially on their holy days. The other day, a Shia Chehlum procession in Sialkot was attacked, and many of them were seriously injured. Of course, communal riots undoubtedly occur in Shia-majority countries like Iran, but we never hear about them due to lack of press freedom in that country. But the question arises, why are Muslims so intolerant?

In Saudi Arabia, there was a time when Jews and Christians were living in peace with the Muslim majority. Today there are none. In fact, when an ancient church was discovered recently in that country, the authorities panicked and didn't allow reporters to write about it. Shias of course are present in large numbers in Saudi Arabia, which is why they've managed to survive so far, but not so long ago, Sunnis with Shia names like Hassan or Hussain or  Ali were not given tourist visas in that country (even Kuwait had a ban on Shia tourists). 

When Pakistan provided soldiers to Saudi Arabia, that country insisted that only Sunni soldiers would be allowed inside their country. It's mind-boggling, really, why there should be this much hatred. Despite Arab countries recognizing the Jewish state, they can't make peace with Iran. They don't realize that a divided Muslim ummah is not good, but I suppose it will take decades before there is peace between the two sects. If ever.