The signs are clear. If anyone had any doubts on the subject, he or she can rest assured that the Establishment still supports the nincompoop. First there was the bail given to Shahbaz Gill by Imran's fast friend (Islamabad High Court's CJ Minallah). Even though Gill had openly threatened the army, nothing came out of it. After a few days in jail, he was released.

Next, the same judge removed terrorism charges in the case against Imran Khan (who had openly threatened two senior police officers and a lady judge). This case again, I'm sure, will be decided in favor of Imran after a couple of days, after Imran modifies his statement regretting hurling threats and behaving like one of those goons who can be seen strutting around in the Burns Road area of Karachi.

And finally, the Election Commission of Pakistan has again postponed hearing the case for another six weeks in which Imran is accused of receiving funds from prohibited foreign sources (including India and Israel). 

So now it's clear: the judges and the generals are scared of the moron's so-called popularity displayed by the number of people in his rallies. Most Pakistanis (being end products of centuries of inbreeding or cousin marriages) are weak in mathematics. Even if there are a hundred thousand people in each of his rallies, it doesn't mean a thing. Most of them are there to eat a free plate of biryani. Each constituency has more than two hundred thousand voters, so even if all those attending his rallies vote for him, he can't win. The trouble is, those who preside over our destinies don't think this way. All they see are thousands of people listening to Imran and his cronies. They should know that there are other parties with more followers than Imran's party, like the JI and the TLP. Imran doesn't have a chance winning the next elections (unless the Establishment again helps him by rigging the polls, as it did in 2018).