I've often wondered how Saqib Nisar got to be the chief justice of the country. He never practiced law in his life, he was an employee in the law department of the federal government and he was the worst chief justice the country has had.

I remember when he refused to say the word "Hindu" in a speech. Perhaps he sensed that he had said something wrong, for he later turned his attention to the preservation of an ancient Hindu temple in Chakwal. He obviously thought all Indians are Hindus, so he banned Indian advertisements on the national TV. I'm not sure, but I think he also got online Indian newspapers banned.

Then he (along with other judges) got Imran Khan declared "Sadiq and Ameen" (meaning upright and honest), even though even a layman like me knew that Imran Khan was dishonest and corrupt. He then got Nawaz Sharif disqualified for life because the latter didn't declare to the Election Commission a salary that he didn't receive from his son's offshore company.

As if all this wasn't enough, he started a campaign to collect funds for building dams in the country (at that time, construction of the Diamer Bhasha dam was due to begin). Saqib Nisar obviously thought he'd be able to collect ten billion dollars in a few days (like most Pakistanis, he didn't know how many zeroes there are in a billion). He also didn't know the chemical formula for water, saying that it is H2Zero.

Many people were forced to donate to the dam fund, among them bank employees and others like them. A huge amount was spent on advertising, and a total of 40 million dollars was collected, but the amount spent on advertisements was 60 million dollars. 

The Public Accounts Committee summoned the ex-CJP to explain the reason for this, but he refused to appear. Saqib Nisar should be tried and convicted for this scam, but as he's an ex-judge, I doubt if any court will take any action against him.