Call it my bad luck, but almost all the men I know are morons. There are some who think that Pakistan's problems are due to too many Shias in the government (which is not true). There are others who think we're in such a bad state because we are not good Muslims (whatever that means). But the most stupid ones are those who think that all Pakistan has to do to seize Kashmir is to drop a dozen nuclear bombs all over India. 

How do you react to such people? If you're intelligent, you change the subject or simply walk away. Because if you tell them that a nuclear war is unwinnable, they will look at you as if you've just escaped from a lunatic asylum. They are not convinced when told that the radioactive clouds from nuclear explosions travel far and wide, and would most certainly envelop Pakistan as well, destroying all life in the country. "What are you, an Indian agent?" they say, "Allah has protected Pakistan since its inception, and He will make sure we survive".

I'm sure there are such people in India as well, the ones who want to make India a Hindu state and convert all Muslims and Christians to Hinduism. In fact, they seem to have taken over India, men like Modi, who created the current crisis to win in the next elections in May. Whatever you say about Muslims or Pakistanis, one thing is certain: they would never get people killed to win elections, like Modi has done. It seems that in the seventy two years since independence, Indians have not changed at all, in fact they're as bad as their ancestors were in 1947. Perhaps if the Indians had not captured Kashmir, they'd have progressed much more. After all, keeping seven hundred thousand soldiers in the disputed state costs a lot. The billions spent over the past seventy two years could have been utilized to make the lives of hungry Indians much better. But I doubt if Indian leadership (composed mainly of rabid north Indian Hindu Brahmins) has the wisdom to let the people of Kashmir govern themselves.