Malik Riaz appears to have committed the perfect crime (and might even get away with it). His success also proves that most Pakistanis are gullible and always on the lookout for making easy money. 

This man's accomplishments also prove that our government officials and people in power are highly corrupt. How else could he have got away with so much corruption? How could he make his Bahria Town colonies in so many cities on illegally obtained land without help from at least some of those who ruled the country?

Even though the Supreme Court concluded that he had deprived the national exchequer of Rs. 1,500 billion (the FIA says it was actually Rs. 2,000 billion), he has not been sent to jail. Instead, the apex court is negotiating with him to surrender less than a third of the looted money. Perhaps the judges do not know that the interest on Rs. 2,000 billion is two billion a month. They are also amenable to let him pay (whatever the settled amount) in installments spreading over years. Don't they realize that the man is perfectly capable of paying only a few installments, and then "persuade" the right people to forget the rest? 

But then, this is the story Pakistan, a country which seems to have been created for cheaters, smugglers and other tax thieves. And nothing will change, it will always be at the mercy of such criminals.