As everyone knows, the real rulers of the country are those who "advise" the prime minister and others what they should do. In fact, the present prime minister has been foisted on the people by blatantly rigging the elections. And now the de facto rulers of the country have asked the media to display the government in a positive light. This is not going to be easy, but I'll try my best to portray the first four months of the government in such a way that it is seen to be highly efficient.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the value of the rupee has decreased considerably. Not everyone knows this, but almost everyone in Pakistan always has at least ten thousand dollars waiting to be sold whenever the dollar becomes dearer. So the poor people of the country have benefited immensely by the devaluation of the rupee. Those who had bought ten thousand dollars four months ago should be happy that they have earned three hundred thousand rupees by simply doing nothing. That's one plus point.

Again, every Pakistani, even the poorest of the poor, owns a considerable number of shares. With the stock market plummeting daily, shares are getting cheaper. So, with those three hundred thousand rupees which my driver earned by selling his dollars, he can now buy almost twice the number of shares he would have been able to purchase before the stock market collapsed. That's another plus point.

Imran Khan promised ten million jobs if he was made prime minister. And he looks like he will soon do it. First, thousands were employed to break down all unauthorized buildings and shops. And now millions of jobs will be created to build new shops and houses for the people who are now homeless and without shops and offices. So it looks like the government is on track and I can't think of any negative stuff to write about it, unless Fawad Choudhry and Shaikh Rasheed indulge in loose talk again.