I remember a time when almost everyone in the private sector was very courteous and efficient. Bankers used to visit people, begging them to open accounts in their banks. Doctors were humane, listening carefully to whatever their patients said without getting irritated. Lawyers too were more interested in helping their clients than getting the maximum amount of money out of them.

Now, it's all so different. After the nationalization of banks, bank employees no longer showed up every day to work. Bhutto got his party activists employed in banks, where they simply sat the whole day long (if they ever came to work). He also did the same thing with schools and colleges. Teaching standards deteriorated so much that you come across graduates who can't compose a simple sentence, leave alone write a letter. Benazir appointed a man who couldn't sign his own name as principal of a college. Doctors don't have time for their patients, lawyers demand payment from their clients before agreeing to do any work for them. As for government servants, they became even worse than they were after Bhutto became the prime minister. Bankers are rude, and I believe that they spend most of their time devising ways to increase bank charges and harass their clients.

No one is polite anymore, everyone is interested only in earning as much as they can as early as possible, The situation is hopeless, and I won't be surprised if the people come out on the streets and hundreds are killed.