During one of those bursts of exuberance for which Imran Khan is well-known, his party has promised jobs for ten million Pakistanis immediately after forming the government. All this is very laudable, but there is only one drawback: where will he get the money to pay those ten million souls?

I have a couple of ideas which may help to reduce this problem. One of course is to print a hell of a lot of money (like the late Benazir Bhutto did). The other is to undertake a mammoth project which has long been the desire of every resident of Lahore (to have a sea-port in Lahore). All those ten million (out of the 16 million who voted for PTI) can be employed to deepen the River Indus right up to Lahore). As for the other six million, they can be given shovels to remove silt from the two mega dams in the country. Just imagine, our storage capacity can be increased by more than fifty percent, and we won't need to construct another huge dam (which our CJP ardently desires, and for which funds are being accumulated). In fact, the billions so collected in donations can be used to pay for dredging Mangla and Tarbela dams. We won't have to go to the IMF or World Bank, it will be done without effort. All that is needed is for PTI voters to take up shovels and begin digging tomorrow!