By now it should be apparent to even morons that the Chief Justice is biased in favor of Imran Khan. His latest decision proves it. The victor (also known as Taliban Khan and U-turn Khan) himself said in his victory speech that he would not oppose any move to recount the votes in any constituency that the opposition wanted. He won NA-131 (Lahore) by a very narrow margin (680 votes) against Saad Rafiq. However, when the Lahore High Court ordered the Election Commission to recount the votes, Imran Khan made a U-turn and appealed to the Supreme Court to stop the recount. To those who know the law, the chief justice should have ordered the recount, considering that the great Khan had himself promised that he would never object if anyone requested it. But no, the Chief Justice stopped the  recount, saying that Khan's statement was merely a political statement which should not be taken seriously. Now this only makes a mockery of our judiciary. How can the common man expect justice from such a court?

It should be remembered that this is the same man who recently told Nawaz Sharif's lawyer to make a donation of a million rupees to his Diamer Bhasha dam fund if he wanted the case to be adjourned. This should have been enough for this judge to be disqualified. If this becomes the norm, a rapist or killer can be asked to donate a similar amount to get acquitted. I would like to know the criteria for appointment of our judges. How did this man become a judge in the first place?