Once it was thought that corruption existed only in government departments, chiefly because government servants were not paid well. But you find rampant bribery and corruption in the private sector as well, despite salaries being so high. In Pakistan a person may have paid his taxes honestly, yet he has to bribe the concerned tax official to accept his tax return as correct. An audit by sales tax officials means that they will charge a certain amount to certify that no tax evasion has been done. I used to know an engineer in a foreign oil company who used to charge ten percent of all bills that were submitted to him for approval. When I asked him why he did it (despite being paid a very good salary with perks and allowances), he said he needed the money to build a new bungalow (his present house not being according to his status). Then there are the seth-owned companies where the purchasers (usually close relatives of the owners) tell suppliers to jack up their bills and pay them the difference. It seems that men will never be satisfied, and they will always be greedy. You cannot entirely end corruption, however hard you try.