The curious case of Waheeda Shah

Sir: The Election Commission has done what needed to be done, although it would have been more appropriate if the lady had been banned for the rest of her life from contesting elections. But true to form, PPP leaders are blaming the media and the Election Commission. The PPP leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly said that the lady didn’t slap anyone, she merely pressed her hand (lovingly?) on the face of the polling officer. The lady candidate herself admitted that she had slapped the two women, thinking they were the polling agents of her rivals. The fact that she was in a polling station, where candidates are not allowed entry, has been totally ignored. The Sindh Chief Minister thinks the verdict is “strange”, probably because this is the first time that a feudal has been punished for doing something which she and her kind do every day. Mr. Chief Minister, stranger things are going to happen in the near future, and you better tell your party members to be prepared for them.

Published in Daily Times, March 11, 2012