new flying mantra
WITH reference to the news item ‘Cut the flab, new mantra of airlines’ in the Khaleej Times of June 10, why not impose a surcharge on passengers who weigh more than they should? After all, every extra kilogram that an airplane carries results in more fuel being burnt. The best thing, of course, is to charge a dollar for every extra kilo that a person weighs.

A ‘normal’ weight could be defined as 65 kilos, and a dollar extra should be charged for every kilo above this weight (in this case, I would have to pay ten dollars every time I travel). If this is not acceptable, let the charge be a dollar for every kilo that a person weighs.

At least this will penalise those who eat every meal as if there won’t be any food tomorrow, while rewarding people like me who have to fight a tough battle trying to remain slim.
Shakir Lakhani, Karachi
Khaleej Times, 12 June 2008