Beating Inflation
Overcoming inflation
26 May 2008

WITH reference to Aijaz Zaka Syed's complaint about rampant inflation owing to oil prices going through the roof (Blame it on oil? KT, May 22), all concerned citizens throughout the world will have to unite to overcome the crisis.

The first thing we must do is reduce energy and fuel consumption. Most air-conditioners are set at eighteen degrees Celsius although almost everyone can feel perfectly comfortable at twenty six degrees.

This alone can result in fifteen per cent reduction in electricity bills. As for reduction in fuel consumption, car pooling was effectively resorted to in the US during the oil crisis of 1973. There is much room for savings in food bills also.

We don't need more than two thousand calories a day, so we should choose what we eat with care. Junk food, which is totally useless besides being expensive, should be avoided at all costs. If we have the will, we can succeed.
—Shakir Lakhani, by email
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