Parvez Musharraf died in Dubai yesterday after a long illness. It's ironic that he couldn't live long despite having collected billions in his lifetime.

When Parvez Musharraf overthrew Nawaz Sharif in October, 1999, people welcomed him. Nawaz Sharif was a nincompoop who had been elected with a two thirds majority, which is why he thought no one could touch him. He wanted to further Islamize Pakistan, wanting to be the Amirul Momineen (Commander of the Faithful). Nawaz's biggest mistake was not heeding his father's advice. The old man had repeatedly told him not to defy the army. Instead, he sacked Musharraf (who was in Sri Lanka) and appointed a Kashmiri general (Ziauddin Butt) in his place. Not only that, he closed all airports in the country so Musharraf would be forced to land in a neighboring country (probably India). Musharraf's cronies re-opened Karachi airport and allowed his plane to land.

Everyone expected Nawaz to be sentenced to death, instead he got 25 years in jail, but the Saudis forced Musharraf to release him. Nawaz signed an agreement not to return for 10 years, in fact he did come back to attend his father's funeral but was deported immediately. 

Musharraf attended the same school that I did (St. Patrick's). He was in the same class as two of my cousins. I don't remember meeting him, although he was only a year ahead of me. 

Musharraf made many mistakes, like suspending the Constitution, for which he received the death penalty (it was later overturned). He was allowed to leave the country and spent the last ten years out of Pakistan. In my opinion, he should not have allowed our natural gas to be used in vehicles. With the large scale theft of gas in the country, it was only a question of time before we consumed all of it. We're paying for this mistake today.

Despite all the evidence of looting and corruption, Imran Khan continues to display contempt against the courts. He has refused to attend a single hearing in the cases against him, citing the injuries to his leg in the botched assassination attempt against him (which may have been arranged by his own men to stop his long march as it didn't have much support of the public).

All his cronies who were arrested were released within four days by the courts (compared to months of incarceration without trial of many of his opponents). It seems the courts still favor Im the Dim. Why they do so is not clear. Perhaps they think he's still very popular. Fawad Choudhry (Imran's Information Minister), who used to say that spending six months in jail without trial is not a big thing, couldn't bear four days in police custody.

Imran Khan's so-called popularity is confined to the posh areas of the country. Recently his party lost the local bodies elections in Karachi by a colossal margin. His supporters are based in areas like Clifton and DHA in Karachi (and they are mostly youngsters). In the apartment complex where I live, most women pray regularly for the prosperity of Imran Khan. He's not as popular among the men as he used to be, perhaps because of the blatant corruption. 

Imran Khan has proved he's mentally unstable many times, most recently by deciding to contest national elections from thirty three seats. The Election Commission should ask him to deposit 600 million before allowing him to contest, as each bye-election costs 20 million and the country can't afford to waste all that money just to satisfy one man's ego. 

Whenever someone kills himself (or herself), one wonders if it could have been avoided. Usually it's because the man or woman is severely depressed due to rejection or due to poverty. Years ago a senior police officer committed suicide because his daughter almost succeeded in eloping with a Christian boyfriend. The man escaped with all her jewelry to Turkey, but she was caught at the airport. The police officer killed himself because he couldn't bear the shame.

Yesterday a boy of sixteen jumped from the fourteenth floor in our apartment complex. I knew a girl must have been the reason, and it turned out to be true, even though his father said he'd done it because he badly wanted to own a car but his parents had told him he could have it after a couple of months. The boy (like the children of some super-rich people) was consuming drugs and alcohol. His father is employed in the Sindh Irrigation Department, which is the most corrupt department in the country. I know a couple of people who became overnight billionaires in just four or five years working as Irrigation engineers or officers. So it was only natural that the poor boy didn't get the attention he would have had if he'd been a member of a middle class family. 

In my opinion, it was a senseless death. He killed himself because his girl friend broke off with him. He was too young to commit suicide merely because he couldn't get the girl of his dreams. I'm convinced that if he'd been a normal boy, he would never have taken this extreme step.  

 I've always known that most Indian are mentally deficient (like most Pakistanis). Prime Minister Modi firmly believes that the ancient Indians, among other things, were plastic surgeons (they grafted an elephant's head on a man's body). He also says that they were space travelers (having gone to Mars). But the thing I don't understand is the average Indian Hindu's obsession with cow dung and cow urine.

Yesterday an Indian judge said that cow dung protects the human body from nuclear radiation. I wonder how he came to this conclusion. Did he spread cow poop and exploded a nuclear device? While sentencing a Muslim youth to life imprisonment for indulging in cow killing, he made the astounding claim that cow slaughter is the source of all global problems. “Every problem in the world will be solved on the day not a single drop of cow’s blood falls on the ground,” said a copy of his ruling.

That's not all. He further claimed, "“It has been proved by science that even atomic radiation cannot affect houses made out of cow dung. Drinking cow urine can cure many incurable diseases.”

He should be asked how it has been proved by science. I've not read anything about any Hindus who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

There are many defamation cases against Imran Khan, but the Supreme Court has not even begun hearings in most of them. Yet one defamation case filed against Khwaja Asif by Imran Khan is being heard. Imran has sued Khwaja Asif for ten billion dollars, alleging that the latter defamed him by saying that charity money for Imran's hospital was used to invest in a building project. 

Imran Khan must be regretting it now. He admitted in court that three billion dollars was invested in a housing project (he didn't remember which one), but the money was returned seven years later. He should have consulted his lawyer before saying this. Now he's in deep trouble as very few of his overseas donors would ever contribute money to his hospital.

What probably happened was this: the money was invested in building projects in Dubai in 2008, before the recession sent property prices crashing. Probably all the money was lost, and the returned money may have been arranged through other individuals. The apex court should order an audit of the bank statements of Shaukat Khanum Hospital to ascertain the truth, which is likely to embarrass Imran Khan further.

I believe it's against international law to use charity-donated money for commercial purpose.In fact the donors have a right to demand why their money was used in investing in dubious property. I think even foreign governments (the US and the UK) may prohibit donations to Imran Khan's hospital.  

Feudal lords in Pakistan display a flagrant disregard for rules and laws, even when they are in cities and away from their tribal lands. Such a man has rented an office just opposite my work place. He has two Sindhi-speaking Kalashnikov-toting guards sitting outside his office. How can I convince him to make them sit inside his office? The guards are probably ex-dacoits from his native village. 

A few years back, a feudal doctor's car driver hit my car and he rang me up to pay for damage to his car. I told him to contact his insurance company and my company would arrange for the necessary repairs. His reply astonished me. "Who insures his car in this country?" This man was closely related to the president of the country at the time. I told him that I couldn't be blamed for him not insuring his car and wouldn't pay him. The next day he sent his armed guards to my house and asked to see me (I was in my office at the time). My poor wife was terrified. I asked her to give the phone to the guard and spoke to him. He told me in a threatening voice to either pay for the damages or risk injury or death. Fortunately I knew a man who had once been the feudal doctor's boss. He scolded the man for his unruly behavior, telling him that what he did may have been the norm in his village, but wouldn't work in Karachi. I never heard from the feudal again.

With this kind of mindset, no wonder Pakistan's in such a mess. 

It's been well-known that the 2018 general elections were heavily rigged by the establishment to help Imran Khan win. But it was not quite clear how much rigging was done. Now, with Imran Khan's party faring very poorly in the local bodies elections in Karachi and Sindh, we now know that he would have lost heavily in the 2018 elections if the army and others hadn't helped him.

Of course, he and his cronies will claim that the Election Commission is against the PTI, but this was only to be expected. In the 2018 elections, his party got 14 national assembly seats, winning one seat by only about 700 votes. But the Supreme Court CJ Saqib Nisar disallowed re-counting, and in other constituencies in the country as well. It was obvious that the entire judiciary (along with the army) had thought that Imran Khan would solve the nation's problems. Instead, the man turned out to be a nincompoop and heavily corrupt as well.

I wish I live long enough to see Imran Khan and his enablers suffer for the crime they committed. The country has incurred irreparable damage for their follies. Even today, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that part of the establishment still supports him and wants him back. May they rot in hell.


For the past two months I've been receiving an email every week from someone who describes himself as a "professional hacker". He claims to have hacked my computer and has got all my data. He says he's made videos of me indulging in objectionable acts. He's warned me that if I don't pay him what he asks, he will send all of my computer data as well as the sordid videos he's made to all the contacts in my computer. In the beginning he demanded US $ 850, but recently raised it to US $ 990. If I tell anyone about this, he says, I'll get into serious trouble.

I was reminded of those Nigerians who would send letters to nationals of other countries about the huge amount (usually ten thousand dollars) they would get if they filled out the accompanying form and paid a hundred dollars into their bank accounts. A woman even emailed me that she is the manager of a bank where a millionaire's unclaimed millions were lying. She couldn't claim the amount herself but if I agreed, she and I would share the amount equally. I wonder how many fall for such scams. I remember a government servant in Punjab (a lawyer himself) who lost a couple of million.

In Pakistan there have been fraudsters who would promise to double your money if you gave it to them for a month. I remember, when I was a boy of ten, a man who said something similar. My older cousin asked him, "If you can double our money, why don't you double yours?". Unfortunately, a sucker is born every minute, and there will always be victims. 

I have known many people who think too highly of themselves, like Imran Khan (who every now and then claims to know more than anyone else about everything under the sun). Such people are known as narcissists. They have a very high opinion of themselves, in fact they believe they are superior to everyone else on earth.

A relative of mine (now deceased) used to call himself "Azimusshan" (the greatest) even before he had become a millionaire. In his later years he had reformed somewhat. Another close relative will never change. He claims to have inside information on every incident that happens in the country. Although not a lawyer (he's not educated), he conveys the impression that the Chief Justice himself consults him whenever a major case is decided. I've often wondered how his poor wife has so far tolerated him without losing her mind.

I used to know a man who used to tell everyone he knew to consult him for impotence. He would say, "If you find yourself unable to get an erection, don't go to a quack, come to me, I have the medicine to cure it". 

Narcissists are mentally unstable. There is of course only one way to deal with them: ask them to shut up. Of course, in case of Imran Khan, no one around him has the guts to do so. In fact, I doubt if anyone has ever told him he's wrong. Otherwise he'd never have been trapped looting the country.


I can understand Imran Khan's desperate attempts to regain power at all costs, but he's doing so in such a way that our enemies (Indians) are greatly pleased. Consider, for instance, his constant refrain that the country is on the verge of default: foreign investors are reluctant to invest in the country, while the lending institutions are also hesitant to loan the dollars required to keep the country afloat. 

Then there is his continuous tirade against retired army chief Gen. Bajwa (who rigged the 2018 elections so Imran Khan could be made the prime minister). Instead of being grateful, Imran Khan says something new every other day against his benefactor. Despite the fact that the general did everything he could to save Imran's government from being toppled, he is being blamed for not doing enough to save Imran. 

The latest blast from Imran is very dangerous. He says General Bajwa arranged the botched attack on him so he (the general) could impose emergency and take over the country (if Imran had been killed).

I believe that Imran has lost his marbles. He's getting crazier by the day. The so-called attempt on his life was made by one person (a drug addict) who fired seven bullets in the air. One bullet pierced the metal casing protecting Imran and disintegrated into several pieces, one of which hit Imran in the leg. Three other pieces were from the shattered metal shield. Yet Imran keeps claiming that he was hit by four bullets. He even says there were three shooters instead of one. Investigators say all the buildings nearby had policemen on the roofs, so where could the two other shooters have hidden? It's evident that his guard fired at the shooter but killed a party worker instead. Not only Imran but his cronies also believe this bull shit. It's time for Imran to be arrested and locked up for a few months, that's the only way Pakistan can get out of the mess he created.