After the recent general elections, Gallup Pakistan said that their predictions had turned out to be true. Their opinion polls had forecast that Imran Khan was popular in KP (45%) while Nawaz Sharif was popular in Punjab (35%) with Imran Khan very close (34%). The election results were exactly what their surveys had suggested.

Recently, however, Gallup Pakistan revealed that in Pakistan 84% of those surveyed supported the imposition of taxes, while 11% were opposed to paying any tax. In my opinion, it should have been the opposite. Most people in Pakistan either don't pay income tax (or hate paying it), so it's evident that those who said yes were actually scared that they would be victimized by the government if they said no. The surveyors probably conducted the poll in urban areas, if they had gone into the countryside and asked, they would have been beaten up.

So far, no surveyor has ever asked me for my opinion, so I wonder just who do they ask their questions. It looks like they have a permanent list of three thousand people who are asked for their opinions.